Where Islamic Education Meets Emotional Wellness.

Faith Publications is a revolutionary project in the field of Islamic education. The essence of our books lies in building a strong foundation that relies heavily on knowing and loving Allah subhaanahu wa ta’ala. Every theological and technical  subject is pursued with an aim to connect the student with Allah. The goal is to develop hearts and minds that seek spiritual, emotional, and mental strength from Allah, before anything or anyone else. 

Spreading the knowledge of our deen to 1000+ students

What is Faith Publications?

For decades, Islamic Studies has been taught as terms and laws, concepts and conditions in western Islamic schools.  While those concepts are important, they have been taught as concrete knowledge rather than a way to connect with Allah, the Most Merciful. In the pursuit of learning laws, the youth has strayed from knowing the purpose of life, and the reason behind all laws and regulations. The past curriculum failed to build a firm relationship with Allah based on love for Him, and knowledge of Him.

Faith Publications wants to change that.

Our books are written with a new spiritual and mental wellness approach to teaching our youth. Central to every subject is the student’s personal relationship with Allah, and how that relationship will be a source of guidance throughout their lives.  

Informed by Decades of Experience

Our publications have been authored by scholars, teachers, counselors, and writers who have worked with the American Muslim youth for decades.

Keeps it Interesting

No jargons, no complicated paragraphs. The content is written with brevity and the books are visually-appealing.

Puts Islam at the core

Talk about internalizing Islam, and showing it in one's actions. Every chapter is written with an aim to build a firm connection with Allah, based on love for Him.

Our curriculum is extensively designed to benefit Students Teachers Parents

The textbook doesn’t shame you or judge you for
doing wrong things, nor does it over complicate
stuff. And it teaches Islam in a way that’s
going to help me in my adult life.
[What I learned] helped me with my depression in
9th grade, and it has been alright since.
I’ve learned a lot about how emotions contribute
to spirituality and religion and I feel [this
knowledge] will help me all throughout my life.

– Al Huda High School Students 

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