Where Islamic Education Meets Emotional and Mental Wellness

Faith Publications is a revolutionary project in the field of Islamic education. The essence of our books lies in building a strong foundation that relies heavily on knowing and loving Allah subhaanahu wa ta’ala. Every theological and technical  subject is pursued with an aim to connect the student with Allah. The goal is to develop hearts and minds that seek spiritual, emotional, and mental strength from Allah, before anything or anyone else. 

Making Islamic Studies relevant to today's youth.

Faith Publications

What is Faith Publications?

Teaching Islamic Studies to today’s American Muslim youth must focus on their immediate emotional and psychological needs. A complete educational framework to deliver this type of impactful Islamic learning is not available in the English language.

Alhumdulillah, in 2018, informed by decades of experience teaching and counseling youth inside and outside of Al-Huda School, Dar-us-Salaam embarked upon a bold, multi-year initiative to meet this critical challenge.

With a team of scholars, high school teachers, and mental health counselors, we’ve been developing a new, relevant Islamic Studies curriculum which teaches subjects like aqeedah (belief), fiqh (jurisprudence), and tafseer (Qur’anic interpretation) in light of students’ spiritual and mental well-being – nurturing feelings of gratitude, patience, confidence and other internal traits that we need to live a healthy, and hearty life.  

These books are now published under the name of Faith Publications, a monumental initiative to produce high-quality content for our Muslim youth, that has already begun to impact the students in a positive manner. 

Informed by Decades of Experience

Our publications have been authored by scholars, teachers, counselors, and writers who have worked with the American Muslim youth for decades.

Written with Love

These books are a guide written for our Muslim youth by those who care about their well-being, with compassion and empathy.

Focused on Building a Relationship with Allah

Every chapter is written with an aim to build a firm connection with Allah, based on love for Him. The content guides one on how to internalize Islam in a manner that it reflects in every action.

What Students and Teachers Say

[Something] which gave me hope was seeing a paradigm shift in the thought processes of the students in their every-day interactions outside the classroom. I’ve overheard students advise each other against questionable decisions because ‘well in Islamic Studies we learned that..’ There is no way we can expect our children to come away using an Islamic moral compass without first having them love to use it.
Dalia Elamawy
Islamic Studies teacher at Al-Huda High in College Park, Maryland
The teaching style gives comfort to those in distress. Sometimes I really want to get closer to Allah but it’s very hard. This curriculum helped me learn how to get closer to Allah and be a better Muslim. The best part is that the style isn’t one that criticizes you, it encourages you.
Al-Huda High School Student
Survey Response, December 2022
Some of the lessons I'd take with me forever after high school Islamic Studies are: The way I feel about salah. The importance of salah, my Muslim identity, and the fact that Allah will definitely stick with me for a long time.
Al-Huda School Students
Survey Response, December 2022
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