Journey to Allah Series – Who is Allah?


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While many Muslims today strive to perform the five pillars devoutly, they are missing a core component of what it means to be a Muslim. Who is Allah? Why worship Him?

In order to appreciate Allah we need to know who is He? This book beautifully introduces to us Who is Allah to help the reader draw closer to Him.

Learning about Allah, correctly and wholeheartedly, brings about the passion that our adolescents need to spearhead future Muslim generations confidently.

Modern, real-world examples combined with authentic Islamic texts bring you, ‘Who is Allah?” An excellent book that encompasses the fundamentals of knowledge and nurturing of genuine Islamic aqeedah based on the Words of Allah and actions of our beloved Prophet sallAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam.

While written primarily for a youth audience, a reader of any age will rejoice in delight as they discover the beauty of our Creator, His Divine Design, and by natural extension, fill their hearts with the love of Allah, too.

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Journey to Allah Series - Who is Allah? Book CoverJourney to Allah Series – Who is Allah?